Open Letter from Father

It was one of those easy hard decisions...I had to move to San Diego.

Once the move-away case was lost, I knew it was a matter of time before I would need to relocate to San Diego.


I left my job, my community, and everything I've built over the past 10 years in the Bay Area.

After 4 years and $100,000+ in attorneys fees in one swift judgment, I was no longer recognized as an equal parent because of an elective move-away by Mother - (her employer changed to remote first)

Currently, the judge GRANTED Mother's temporary orders lessening Father's time from 50% to 15%. To date, Mother has spent over $200,000+ in attorney fees to create restrictions around parenting time, legally. 


Without reason or cause, the judge DENIED my request to resume the parenting plan which took 4 years and $100,000+ in attorney fees to establish. 

If you are in the media, I need your help. I invite you to attend the last hearing in San Mateo before the case is stuck in limbo and transferred to San Diego.


Your presence in the courtroom is my last chance for a fair ruling to restore father's rights swiftly. 

my requests for the court:


1) Remove geographical restrictions set on the temporary order;

2) Reinstate the shared custody plan which was in effect prior to the move away;

3) Grant case to be transferred to San Diego as both parents have re-located permanently. 





Sanctions Paid by Father





Attorney Fees Paid by Father

Please note: This is NOT a fundraising effort.